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Ancient India had a number of strange traditions and religious customs , and that formed the base of today’s Hindu culture in India.


There were 8 types of marriages in Ancient India:


Brahma marriage: The father or guardian gave away his daughter, "decked with costly garments and jewels" to a carefully chosen bridegroom well versed in the vedas and endowed in noble qualities

Daiva marriage: Daugher "duly decked with ornaments", was given in gratitude to a priest for performing some important worship rituals. This was extremely rare.

Arsha marriage: Bride's father received a gift of milk cow and a breeding bull from the bridegroom. This was not considered dowry, but a token of respect.

Prajapatya marriage: Bride's father gave his daughter to the bridegroom with the traditional blessing "May both of you perform your duties together".

Gandharva marriage: Bridegroom and bride married secretly without the knowledge of their parents. This was considered inferior because caused by lustful impulses.

Asura marriage: Bridegroom voluntarily gave as much wealth as he could afford to the bride's relatives, not in accordance with the injunctions of the scriptures because it was like buying the bride, which was prohibited.

Rakshasa marriage:
Woman was forcibly taken away from her family and then persuaded to marry. This was considered inferior because caused by lustful impulses.

Paishacha marriage: Person married a woman whom he had seduced while she was asleep, intoxicated or insane, this was prohibited.

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